The Becoming of the Bellisa X Doll: A Story of Womankind

The Becoming of the Bellisa X Doll: A Story of Womankind
Her name is Isabella. She’s learning the world and discovering who she is. Protected within her shell of blissful ignorance she eagerly consumes everything around her.
An environmental sponge.
She observes and copies how everyone is living around her, she desperately tries to fit in because it feels safer to ‘belong’ to something than not. But why does this safe feel so insecure? Theres a piece of her missing. She feels trapped, restricted and pressured to live a life that isn’t her, just because everyone else is. Fear shy’s her away from living until…
Safe gets boring, so she rebels.  
She questions, explores and challenges the societal boundaries that were put in place to mould her. No authority can tame her now. She teases outside her comfort zone: meeting new people on spontaneous adventures; experimenting with her sensuality and dabbling in new ‘guilty pleasures.’
Isabella becomes Bellisa.
She makes mistakes, hurts people and experiences heights of emotional instability she’s never felt before. She’s distant from who she was, but even more lost in the realm of the unknown. On her quest to ‘find hershe broke the barriers of her cage which subsequently turmoiled her security, poked at her confidence and left the butterflies in her stomach uneasy. As the self-induced storm surrounds her, she becomes engulfed in overwhelm, but this time she doesn’t feel trapped.
Her life experience formed through rebellion has gifted her resilience and the pearls of wisdom to guide her through the next phase.
She knows she’s on the right path, but why does everything feel so far away? As she steps into the eye of the storm, she realises that what she’s been seeking cannot be found outside…
 It’s time to take control and go within
She cocoons in solitude; shuts off from the loud of the world in order to listen to who she really wants to become. The withdrawal is harrowing, painful and isolating. It intrusively peels back layers and exposes buried truths.
She feels vulnerable, but she feels the real her.
Slowly she begins to nurture her cocoon with everything that brings warmth, happiness and light. Her wounds gently heal. She’s growing. She discovers what it means to feel love, compassion and pride of herself. And then it dawns on her…
The butterflies in her stomach have gone. This whole time they were trying to tell her, she has her own wings!
Her wings were never lost or broken; they were there the whole time. She just couldn’t see them like everyone else because they were tied back. Her becoming has led her to now, where she’s meant to be. How does she want to make her mark on the world? What will her signature wings be?
The cocoon is suddenly too small. It served its purpose, but now she must leave. Her wings tremble with excitement as she visualises the magnitude of opportunities that await her… outside. 
At her own pace, she starts to break free; And for the first time ever she feels her own wings. She’s no longer who she’s supposed to be, she’s who she wants to be. She is f**king liberated. Her uniqueness is beautiful and her signature wings give her the confidence to soar as her authentic self.
And the most magical gift of them all? Becoming her, inspires everyone else. As she gazes around, she sees a colourful world of hope, passion and so many other butterflies!

Together they are unstoppable. Dreams are now a reality. The butterflies attract the life they desire, by lifting each others wings and honouring their distinctive beauty.
And right here today? We call apon all the caterpillars, cocoons and butterflies to embrace your journey…
Let’s burn the boundaries of the mundane. We will not be silenced, put into a societal cage and told to find our place. We will embody every part of our authentic selves and etch our unique signature into the skies we dance.  Together we will rebel, empower and inspire. Who you want to be is already here. Step into your power, uncage your butterflies and wear your confidence. Welcome to the becoming of Bellisa X, a community that celebrates everything that makes you, YOU. Your safe space where you can discover the belonging to yourself.
 We are the butterflies, and together we will soar.
- BX


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