Please allow 15 working days for your orders to be made in our UK studio. Ordering online, worried it won't fit? No stress, we hear you. If you are not 100% satisfied with the fit of your order upon receiving, we will alter it for FREE <3

Our FREE Alterations Guarantee


We are incredibly proud of our craftmanship and business ethos: creating clothing to suit your personality. Our #1 priority here is your happiness with our products. We understand that your biggest concern buying custom clothing online is being unable to try clothes on and how they will fit. If you are not 100% satisfied with the fit of your order upon receiving, we will alter it for FREE. After purchase we guarantee 1 year of FREE alterations. Even better? We also understand how our body shapes are always changing which is why we also guarantee a life-time of 50% O*FF all alterations to our loyal customers. We believe your Bellisa X clothing should fit to YOU, always!


How to claim

Apon purchasing you are automatically eligible to use our guarantee offer. If you require your garment to be altered to fit you better, please contact us via email: and we can advise you how/if* we can do this and where to send back to. Please don’t send an item back without contacting us. We will search your customer/ purchase details to see what offer you are eligible for. Please make sure you have read the T&C's below first.


    1. Guarantee offer is valid for clothing purchased directly through Bellisa X website only
    2. Guarantee offer starts from all orders purchased from 01.11.2021
    3. Guarantee offer is valid for Bellisa X website products only (not collaboration items)
    4. 1 year of FREE alterations is valid from date of purchase
    5. 50% OFF alterations is valid after the 1 year of FREE alterations ends
    6. We will not alter garments if you have opened a case with klarna, paypal ,monzo or the bank against us. We can not alter the garments until cases are closed. You can NOT 'hold' money until the garments are altered. We request full payment of the goods before altering.
    7. Alteration guarantee includes: adjusting the garment to fit your body shape
    8. *Please note we can only adjust your garments where possible. For example, it is not always possible to make a garment bigger without changing the design. We will always do our best to help.
    9. Guarantee does not include wear and tear of garments due to owners’ mis-care
    10. Alterations will be carried out with current fabrics we have in the studio
    11. Customer pays for postage back to us, we will cover the postage costs back to you
    12. Guarantee is not valid on use of limited edition items/ doll collections if you have purposefully bought a item that is the wrong size. I.e there was only Size 16 left, but you are Size 10.
    13. Please allow up to 20 working days for alterations to be done in our studio + posted back
    14. Guarantee is only valid if you can provide order name/or order number so we can search the order on our system. If the item was gifted to you, you will have to provide us with the name of the person who ordered it
    15. This offer isn't valid: If when ordering CYO, you forgot to pick a size and as a result it was set to the default 'XS'  as we made it to your order. However, if you send your CYO garment back  ( and in return condition*) we can alternatively offer you a voucher up to 60% of its original cost for you to re-spend on the correct size.
    16. We 100% do not tollerate fraud.  Please see our fraud policy here

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