Please allow 15 working days for your orders to be made in our UK studio. Ordering online, worried it won't fit? No stress, we hear you. If you are not 100% satisfied with the fit of your order upon receiving, we will alter it for FREE <3

Our Ethical Statement

“Bellisa X is continually striving towards a sustainable future”


Truth be told, I am hesitant to call Bellisa X a full proof ‘ethical brand,’ because we aren't. However, I can confidently advise you that we are 100% working towards this outcome. It will take years, and we may not achieve this in our life-time* but our every business practice has this morale embedded into our decision making. I would absolutely love to invite you on our ‘ethical growth’ journey- will you join us?


** Would 100% ethical mean, operating off renewable energy, make our own organic fabrics/ no waste from fabric production – is this even possible? **


How we are currently achieving this

  1. Every item of clothing is DESIGNED* and HAND-MADE by us in our Bristol based studio

We regularly video capture your orders being made in our studio across our Instagram stories. Hey, why not DM us if you want to see your order being made?

We love to go the extra mile so that you know WHO made your garment, which is why we include a delivery note like this in your package:

In our studio B makes all our patterns (sewing templates) and also designed our own textiles prints: SS17, SS18, SS19, Bellisa X Polka, Bubble Print and Patsy

Designed*: I’ve * this because, we have our “ yourcreations” collection where we work with promoters, dolls and customers together to design clothing. Some ideas are ours, some are theirs! We work together, but most importantly we credit and pay our designers 10% commission for how much they sell of their design.

  1. About our FABRIC

While it would be great if we could make our own organic fabric- we also currently don’t have the time, resources or money to do this. (You can sure bet the prices of our garms would sky rocket X5, if this was the case!) Therefore we buy it in: everything is from UK retailers (except the ‘shell lace’ is from USA) and the haberdashery parts (rings and lace) are shipped directly from Asia.

So that you can consciously choose what fabrics you want to use for your designs we have added a ‘material menu’ to our product listings and Instagram highlight ‘FAQs.’ We have included as much information as possible, from their composition and origin country of manufacturing if the supplier would tell us.  The most sustainable fabrics are organic cotton and linen, but due to the nature of our stretch garments these wouldn’t be suitable to work with and sourcing organic stretch alternatives is challenging (at the moment.)


In September I attended sustainable fashion week in Bristol, and it got me questioning how we purchase fabric and how we could do this instantly do this better. We have our main lines of velvet fabrics which we keep as a more permanent fabric choice on Create Your Own, and introduce limited edition prints to add variety for you. Since September, we have made the decision to prioritise introducing ‘deadstock’ fabric, over new as limited edition. Where this is possible- we will do this!

Deadstock fabric, is left-over fabric discarded by bigger fashion manufacturers, who over-bought and would end up in landfill if it wasn’t re-sold and bought by us.

  1. We RE-PURPOSE our fabric waste

Our bigger random fabric offcuts are stored on our rail and used for limited edition stock drops.

 Meet our 2 ‘bins:’ pink n yelly! They store our midsize fabric scraps, formed from cutting out your panelled garments. We do our best to save as much as possible (admittedly sometimes they can fill quicker than we can re-work and we have to dispose.) These offcuts are then re-worked into beautiful patchwork items for you! We are aware of the impact fashion waste has on the environment and want to minimise this where possible.

And our really small fabric offcuts? These can be a menace and we struggle to save them all in the space we have. However, if we are making cushions, overlocker offcuts get stuffed inside to form the padding. We have also recently partnered with ‘Frequencies Events’ in Leeds, where we hoard these scraps and post them off to Molly, to be turned into event bunting. Tell us if you spot this at your next rave! Failing the above, they do end up in the bin.



We’ve teamed up with ‘Carbon Click’ a New Zealand company making it easier for people and businesses to help fight climate change. CarbonClick looks like a green button at checkout. When you click it, a small contribution is added to your basket which purchases carbon offsets. These offsets reduce the environmental impact of the carbon emissions related to the purchase. CarbonClick’s offsets fund forest restoration, tree planting, and renewable energy projects around the world. 



Jade and Jade are both currently self-employed, as they work other jobs alongside sewing for Bellisa X. This means they set their own rate, agreed within the business.


Our printed mail bags are bio degradable! They were a mission to source and cost Bellisa ££ (but not the planet!) We encourage you to re-use where possible and once you’re done pop in the compost bin to de-compose. They look fabulous and act it too.

Our ‘Who made my order flyer’ is printed on recycled paper. We try not to include too much paper content, but this we deem as nesscary to help involve you with Bellisa X and care for your garment now its in your safe hands.

  1. RE-SALE

 We strongly believe that all our clothing is made to be worn- we don’t want them sitting around in your wardobe unloved, we want the world to see how great you look in them!  And if they aren’t doing bits for you anymore? We encourage you to re-sell them. Ask us to share your depop/ Instagram listing selling 2nd hand Bellisa X (providing it’s been well looked after.) We will help you sell it via our instagram platform.

Or alternatively, please involve yourself in our ‘Pre-loved Bellisa X, 2Nd hand selling facebook group. A safe space for you to sell, buy and swap your pre-loved Bellisa.


We encourage you to wash your garments only when needed and batch wash to save water. Please see our ‘how to’ video here.

We have a FREE alterations guarentee - so that you can wear your clothing again and again. Please learn more here


Bellisa X is your brand. We want to deliver you the best independent shopping experience and products we can. To achieve this we host regular feedback sessions on Instagram, to listen to what you need, how you think we can improve, and follow this through where possible! We are open to learning and love the process of growing the brand alongside our customers.


We recognise how many of you repeatedly purchase from us, and we whole-heartedly needed to do something to show our upmost appreciation: this is why we introduced our ‘customer loyalty’ programme. We want to give back to you to thank you for your support. Our customer loyalty programme enables you to earn points by doing what you do already, and exchange these for Bellisa X discounts and vouchers. If you havent already, you're welcome to sign up here ( bottom right of home page)

If you ever need to hear from other customers, please check out our product review section. (We read them all- thank you!)


Moving towards a sustainable future is a journey and there will always be more that we can do to improve which is why we set goals. For the first time ever, we are publishing them. So if we don’t achieve our prioritised goals, you can hold us accountable (we will hold ourselves accountable too) to see why we didn’t reach them and again, how we can improve further. Bellisa X plans to update this policy in a year’s time with these changes!

Our top 4 ethical growth goals for 2022

  1. Prioritise purchasing ‘deadstock’ fabrics and organic alternatives where possible
  2. All printed goods in packaging is made from recycled materials
  3. Diversity: This is an area we need to improve. For 2022 we have plans to show how our clothing fits across a range of body sizes and shapes
  4. Introduce our product guarantee ( Achieved this early NOV 2021!)

If there’s anything you need to query, suggest or involve yourself with please email us at

Love B X

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