How do you find a creative community?

Bristol based Poet and Parkour Gymnast Posi (Irish Mellow) with Dancer Bethany Kyle wearing Bellisa X custom streetwear tracksuits in Bristol. creative community vibe
Bristol based Poet and Parkour Gymnast Posi (Irish Mellow) with Dancer Bethany Kyle wearing Bellisa X tracksuits.


Welcome to Bellisa X, a fashion lifestyle brand built on the foundations of authenticity. You are one of a kind: your personality, values and interests craft a story unique to you. Happiness comes from understanding and owning who you are and a large part of this is having the courage to follow your dreams.


However, it may seem we are governed by a system that tries to silence originality because it’s easier to control conformity. Perhaps you feel lost in the mundane of routine or you’re on a quest to unite with like-minded creatives to keep that spark burning inside. You may be wondering, “How do I connect with other creative people?”


Perhaps this is the sign you needed to hear: You’ve found us for a reason.

 Filming fashion brand Bellisa X story with the creative community of Bristol with: filmographer Keefikus Media and roller skater Mia wearing custom Bellisa X dungarees

Bellisa ‘X’ stands for collaboration, as we share our platform with people around the world and organically bring together a creative community. Social media can be a toxic place and we feel great responsibility to keep our ‘influence’ genuine, uplifting, and inspiring. This is why we are introducing your new social series found on instagram and the blog here, Bellisa X spotlights: “Creatives of ____.” 


We’ll be showcasing the stories of people as they build careers from their creative passions. Main-stream media can be so fixed on those ‘that have made it’ but we believe following your dreams, is a process not a destination. The series will focus on sharing the journeys of creatives at all stages of the hustle. Get ready for inspirational stories exploring a vast arts portfolio within the creative industry, learn from those who grace challenges with curiosity and channel self-expression into the heart of their work.

Bristol graffiti artist Zed in The Clouds painting at community Dean Lane Skate Park wearing customised Bellisa X baggy tracksuit bottoms


Sometimes the possibility of achieving our dreams can feel so far away that we bury them in self-doubt and mask the shame with recreational distractions. You know that nudging feeling, that won’t go away? Use that burning desire to fuel the future you deserve, because it will be more painful subjecting yourself to a life of mediocracy.

  "The biggest risk you can take, is not taking one at all."

We’re for the ‘misfits’ who want more from life; those who know they are destined for more and will relentlessly strive to fulfil their dreams. Surround yourself with like-minded people and you’ll realise your own potential.


Dance with us on the wild side, as we lead with purpose over convention. A fashion brand, where conversation goes beyond the clothes and connects a community driven by the pursuit of passion. Ask yourself, is this the type of environment you want to be a part of?


 Hear the relatable stories, from people just like me and you. Join us on this journey, get inspired and delve into the depths of your own creative discovery. Starting the series in our home town, Bellisa X spotlights ‘Creatives of Bristol.’  


“Where will the adventure of today take you?”


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