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IT GIRL: "Who IS she?"

Formally known as an attractive young woman, generally a celeb, generally carries a bitch attitude and is envied for her sex appeal, engaging personality and social status… HOWEVER It’s time to chuck away your 20th century stereotypes of her and make way for a new kind of ‘IT’ Girl in town…

She’s magnetic; her generosity of spirit is the reflection of people she surrounds herself with. Her liberating presence is appreciated by all. She’s selfless with her charitable beliefs and selfish with her self- love. She channels confidence from her inner beauty which empowers her outer beauty.  Attitude? Well yes, okay maybe some things haven’t changed she will always be a diva. Hate her or love her, this intelligent girl wont care because she recognises imperfections are perfection. She’s not just on page 3, she’s on page 1 to 103.  She’s not just the one in the photos but the one taking the photos. She’s the creator of scandalous behaviour, but she’s also the one reading all about it.

Everyone doesn’t want to be her because everyone is her. Quit your envy and keep livin’ your best life because the’ IT’ Girl is in everyone.

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Bellisa X ‘Gozra Lozano’ Exclusive Interview

Bellisa X ‘Gozra Lozano’ Exclusive Interview

Join us for this interview as we strip back to the beginning before delving into the career path of a well-established celebrity make-up artist and spilling the secrets of his creative palette to discover his network of extensive expertise within the industry. It’s time to wave our mascara wands and introduce our exclusive interview with BAMM fashion course tutor‘ Gozra Lozano.'
Buy One GIVE One Free

Buy One GIVE One Free

For several months, behind the scenes of Bellisa X we have been working on a really special and exciting project which I am now ready to share with you all!
IT GIRL:  Where are the fabrics from?

IT GIRL: Where are the fabrics from?

We believe an IT GIRL has a strong sense of who she is and where she came from and since you are one.. You should know too. So I set myself on a secret mission to find out where all our fabrics are actually made.
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