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Our Story

Meet the team further down ^

Bellisa X Is a team of 3: B, Jade & Jade based in Bristol UK, whom work to make you look and FEEL fabulous. Our promise is to bring you clothing that you can't find anywhere else: designed and handmade in our studio with love, care and artistic flair. Specialising in bespoke tracksuits and panelled spandex for the crazy cats that dare to blur boundaries of night and day.

Bellisa X is all about dressing YOU; Celebrating your unique quirks, styles and individuality.  We believe the core to happiness is being able to unapologetically express your authentic self. This is why we introduced our revolutionary online platform: 'CREATE YOUR OWN' where you can visually play around with our fabrics and staple designs to digitally design your own garms customised to your personal style. Alongside this, we go the extra mile with #bellisaxdolls- Limited edition drops based around you guys, our customers and support network.

^Our 2nd studio when we moved in^

How did Bellisa X come about?

The beginning goes a little something like this…

11-year old B loves clothes and makes a mini ‘paper-fashions’ wardrobe (I literally made a mini wooden wardrobe for them painted the same colour as my bedroom) sketches out GOK-WAN inspired designs and fills more than one book with annotations labelling EVERYTHING about the outfits- yes, even the colour of the thread. If I re-discover this book, I’ll show you all!  Then realises she needs an imaginary shop to sell everything in, so designs the full shop, from the window display to the floor plan ... but one thing is missing, a name?!

So the obvious happened, I swapped my name around from ‘Isa-bella’ to ‘Bell-isa’- a simple genius.

Fast forward 7 years, I still love clothes but hate sewing so ’naturally’ decided to do Textiles for A-level to discover I “couldn’t do it“* and hated it even more. BUT, In the following summer a lil bit of magic happened (bellisa x top secret) and then the rest was history- I became obsessed with designing and sewing!

*turns out you can actually do anything, if you really WANT to! 😉p-e-r-s-e-v-e-r-a-n-c-e is key.

Shortly after, I discovered underground RAVE and become emerged in the scene. It opened my eyes to an alternative catwalk of liberating self-expression, non-judgemental and diverse fun. Wearing my designs here, every new conversation started with “WHERE DID YOU GET THIS?”

^Making my first tracksuit ^

I started making my friends garms which then spread by word of mouth to friends of friends etc.  The side hustle was born. Trying to make money after my travels, I launched a limited-edition Jacket collection but needed a FB page with a name ASAP. Ah yes, that’s easy: ‘Bellisa!’ (but lets add an X to make it more 2016 haha.) As we grew into our brand ‘X’ today stands for our openness to collaborate with ya’ll.

Next step? Oh lets go to Uni to study fashion and long story short, after a 1 year and 1 month I was a uni-drop out. (You can find out why here.) I made the decision to leave after a lecture was held telling us about all the jobs we were being ‘trained’ for while I sat there thinking I don’t want to ANY of them in this out-dated, fast-fashion, cut-throat industry. So I left visualising my own ‘industry’ that breathed LIFE back into clothing, followed my ambitions and began to live out my life-long dreams. After that it was all hustle, hustle, hustle till we are here now as a team of 3! B X


Meet the Bellisa X DOLLS (seamstress edition)

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