welcome to bellisa X

Our Story

I'm B, the fashion university dropout who kick-started Bellisa X to shake things up. Where ethical fashion ignites your individuality. 

Our Mission

To empower you to express yourself through clothing and reclaim your identity. We're here for the audacious, free thinkers—those who challenge conventions and seize life's adventures unapologetically.

Clothing is more than just fabric; it's your second skin, a canvas for your identity. Yet the fashion landscape often confines us. Bellisa X rebels against this norm. 

We refuse to compromise comfort for expression. Say goodbye to uncomfortable clothes that just don’t fit. Our creations are made to fit you, celebrating your body's uniqueness. 

design your own story

Get ready for high-quality designs that are totally one-of-a-kind; after all, you're the mastermind behind your look. Rock a custom Bellisa X tracksuit and watch conversations bloom. Strangers might just ask, "Where'd you get that?". 


Creativity isn't an escape; it's your daily magic. Join us in weaving creativity back into everyday life. You've found us for a reason—you envision a world driven by transparency, high quality, and endless individuality. 

It's your decision. Unleash your expression, craft your story, and embrace your vibe with Bellisa X 

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