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Wanna B a Member?

Do you want early access, member discounts and monthly prize draws? Or perhaps you wanna boost your confidence or learn how to sew your own funky garms? If this sounds like a bit of you, they HEY! We would love to welcome you to join the next era of our community.

You’re exactly where you need to be right now and together we have a powerful story to tell…



Let’s burn the boundaries of the mundane. We will not be silenced, put into a societal cage and told to find our place. We will embody every part of our authentic selves and etch our unique signature into the skies we dance.

Together we will rebel, empower and inspire.

Who you want to be is already here. Step into your power, uncage your butterflies and wear your confidence. Welcome to the becoming of Bellisa X, a community that celebrates everything that makes you, YOU. Your safe space where you can discover the belonging to yourself.

We are the butterflies, and together we will soar - BX
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X Membership: Coming 02.23


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