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COVID-19: Q & A with Dr. Sheppard ( a.k.a B’s mum)

At a time of increased uncertainty, we are all experiencing in this global crisis. It’s time to bust myths, replace with fact and informed knowledgeable opinions on this matter. Before we commence with Q& A its important to note, that although Drs are very clever and know a lot of things, they simply don’t know everything- they are human like us. While we all have so many unanswered questions, so do they. This virus is new and the effects aren’t easy to predict or treat. Moreover, every case is unique to the person who gets it. Hence why government guidelines in relation to health and how to tackle this big inconvenience keep changing: Scientists learn more and more things everyday which help unpick the mystery of CV-19.  We took your anonymous queries and worries ask on our Instagram story + a few of our own and passed them on to the Doc to answer...

 NHS Covid-19 Q & A

Meet DR. Sheppard ( wearing Bellisa X ofc)


Q: I don’t understand why Covid-19 is worse than your normal flu, is it?

DR: Firstly, this virus is not like any other in the sense it lives on a surface for a lot longer that your normal flu- it can live up to 72 hours without human contact on a surface so this means it spreads very easily. Since it is a new virus, there isn’t a vaccination or wider knowledge of treatment like we have with the seasonal influenza. Secondly, you are infectious before you get the symptoms. This means people are spreading it before even knowing they have it.

Q: Are younger people at more of a risk of becoming critically ill that the news is making out?

DR:  No, unless you’re in the ‘’at risk group’ of having underlying illness. The at risk group is everyone above 70 years of age, pregnant women and those below 70 with these medical conditions:

  • If you’ve had a organ transplant
  • Taking immunosuppressant medication
  • Are having chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • Have a severe chest condition
  • Have another serious health condition


Q: Are people with type 2 diabetes prone to catching it easier? Should they be self-isolating?

DR: I think there is confusion amongst people as to what ‘high-risk’ means. No-one is at more risk of catching it easier than others (unless you aren’t self- isolating.) When we mention ‘high-risk’ group it means that,  if you contract the virus you are at high-risk of more than mild effects from it. So, with type 2 diabetes, you should be isolating for 12 weeks to minimise the risk of you contracting it as you are in the high-risk group.

Q: Should I be more worried about it if I have asthma? If so, is there anything else I could be doing other than washing hands etc?

DR: There are many different types and level of asthma but if you do get CV-19 it might make your asthma worse. If you suffer with severe asthma (you will know if you have this) you are considered in the high-risk group and should be self-isolating. If you have mild asthma, you should take medication regularly if that’s something you usually do and always carry a blue inhaler that’s in date with you.  But please don’t stockpile your inhalers as we need enough for everyone- and this is becoming a problem at the moment!

Q: I’ve read various confliction information on symptoms, is a runny nose one?

DR: A runny nose could be a minor symptom- but its different for everyone. The main symptoms to warrant complete self-isolation are: A high temperature and a new continuous cough.


Q: My dad has lung disease, should he be isolating?

DR: Yes for 12 weeks. He’s vulnerable and if he contracts CV-19 the effects for him may be more than mild

Q: Is working in a nail bar or any beauty place a bad idea? Should I be isolating?

DR: As long as you aren’t dealing with vulnerable people, have good hand hygiene and keeping as much distance as possible it should be okay- However its best to visit the government website for what employees should do as the guidelines change and update every day

Crochet blanket made in self-isolation

If DR. Sheppard was to go into self-isolation she will be making many more crochet blankets like this one!

Q: Are the antibody tests going to be that useful? (For all those that didn’t know what this was ,like me, it’s a test to see if you’ve already had CV-19)

DR: For health care workers it could be useful yes as it means we wouldn’t need to keep self-isolating, because if we’ve had it before it’s likely we could be immune. * However it would be more helpful if we had tests to see if we had it currently

Q: If you get it once, can you catch it again?

DR: Scientists are currently researching this, they don’t know

Q:  What do I do if I or a member in my household contracts it/ thinks we have it?

DR: The whole household has to self-isolate for 14 days. If you think you have it, you only need to inform someone if your symptoms are getting worse or haven’t got better after 7 days. From that point seek advice online @ 111 corona service. If at any point you become really unwell or are uncertain medically, call 111 or if you are dangerously ill call 999

Q: Does everyone go to hospital?

DR: No, for most people the symptoms will be mild. As a younger healthy person with no underlying problems it’s unlikely you will need hospital treatment. Just because you are young and your symptoms will be mild, Self-isolating is important as we are trying to stop young people spreading it to the old and those at risk of becoming critically ill

Q: What’s this all about the use of ibroprofen?

DR: There’s no strong evidence that it makes the virus worse but until we have more information, take paracetamol instead to treat the symptoms, just to be on the safe side

Q: Can I still visit the GP surgery normally now? (non-corona related)

DR: It’s best to check your own doctors’ website for local advice but for most you can’t go to the Doctors without a phone call first. If you have a medical issue non-corona related, you should call the surgery first and they will see if you need to come in to be seen by a doctor

Q: How can I protect myself?

DR: Washing hands for 20 seconds with soap and water often, self-isolation & social distancing, don’t touch your face as it’s transferred via mouth, nose and eyes. Cover mouth when coughing, sneezing etc. Please visit the NHS website for more advice.

And to wrap it up we let the Doc have her final word.. What people don’t release that even if you’ve had it before; or think you’ve had it ; or believe you are immune to it- you can still carry it and transfer it from one person to another. It’s a super-spreader disease and by not self-isolating you may transfer it to the vulnerable who could become critically ill which will put more strain on the NHS. Please only take information from the NHS of government websites and use social media to boost morale and keep in contact with people. ”

To keep updated please visit: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/   on a daily basis as guidelines and advice changes all the time- It is likely to be updated 23.03.2020 with more information.


In time of crisis, we won’t let fake news break us and unnecessarily feed our growing anxieties. It’s so important to remain as calm and rational as possible and support each other. But for today this is enough serious #realtalk, and if you haven’t already, head to our Instagram to read all about ‘ReWerk- iT’ our new exxxciting limited edition collection launching 27.03.2020…. (b’cos it’s not all doom & gloom here!)  - B X

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