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Buy One GIVE One Free

Buy One, Get Give One Free

For several months, behind the scenes of Bellisa X we have been working on a really special and exciting project which I am now ready to share with you all! The idea came from something similar I did back in 2015, inspired my cousins creative thinking which have led us to this concept now. This Christmas I’ve decided it’s about time to bring this idea back but in a slightly different way…
.As part of an anti-black Friday and pre-Christmas campaign we are launching a Unisex limited edition collection under the ethos: Buy one, GIVE one Free.
. On Thursday 5h December we are launching 25 unique sweatshirts for you to buy. However, we’ve actually made 50 sweatshirts. (I called in an extra pair of hands from my life-long friend @heppleshandmade to make this possible.) For every 1 that’s up for sell, there is an identical 1 which I will be giving out myself to a homeless person just before Christmas. The idea is to connect people through creativity, who geographically are really close to us yet our lives couldn’t be any more different due to many circumstances. You and the person I give the sweatshirt to, will be the only 2 people in the world in possession of that sweatshirt design.
 This stands for SO much which I’m going to briefly explain.
Wether your buying the jumper for yourself, or for a loved one this Christmas; At the same time you will also giving to a stranger which shows that there is someone thinking about them. Although it is only a sweatshirt, it does offer warmth and comfort as well as looking funky especially at this very cold time of year.
A sweatshirt symbolises the value of time and amount of thought that’s gone into hand-making this gift especially for this person aswell as your time buying into this collection. When handing them out I want to give back people the time that they just don’t receive from society- which as a result this may be why they are in the situation they are in.
I think we all need to recognise that having the ability to  ‘CHOOSE’ is a privilege that we take for granted. Imagine not being able to choose what you want to wear or buy -  although this may be seen as such a trivial thing let me explain. Without realising it everything in your wardrobe hangs there because you’ve been able to choose it , and most importantly you’ve chosen because it represents your identity. Having a clear sense of identity which is expressed in your appearance makes you feel good. So when I hand out the jumpers I will be giving people the choice firstly if they want one and to pick the one that they want. Just like you guys get when buying from Bellisa X.
.I understand that homelessness comes in many forms, but for this particular project we will be giving to those that completely lack the life necessities of warmth and shelter. To keep this project local, the sweatshirts will be given out in (Bristol) the weekend just before Christmas. Following on from this, I thought the best way to document this would be through written word: when buying a jumper, please order with your correct email address so that after I can send you a very brief overview of who your matching jumper has been given to.
.The whole purpose of our version of BOGOF, is to challenge our consumeristic behaviour and cheap deals on the what was a day called ‘ Black Friday’ but is now more like a week. Everyone loves a bargain, (yes myself included) but instead of buying something just to GET one Free? Wouldn’t it be so much more meaningful to buy one and GIVE one Free? After all, we probably don’t need that extra one for ourselves and isn’t Christmas all about giving? So lets give  to those who need it the most.
- B X
BUY ONE GIVE ONE FREE OVERVIEW: 25 pre-made limited edition sweatshirts are launching on our website on Thursday 5th December @7PM (They are launching a week after Black Friday, as the sad reality is I didn't want this concept to get overlooked in the frenzy of discounts at this time.) They are all UNISEX, and in sizes L, XL. So that depending on your build they will fit as either a over sized jumper or more fitted. The sweatshirts will be given out in (Bristol) the weekend just before Christmas.

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