BTS PT.1 Bellisa X Ariane Bingham Sparkles

BTS PT.1 Bellisa X Ariane Bingham Sparkles


It’s nearly been a month since Bellisa X collaborated with the like-minded clothing brand Ariane Bingham Sparkles- to bring you sparkly inspo with a festival styled photoshoot!  Apart from the fabulous photos ( taken by Tula.P;) sassy models ( Cara, Phoebe and Bonnie) AND funky make-up by (Issie and Sophia )  - what made this shoot so special? Well… in case we hadn’t already made it obvious over social media (hint: UK X AUS) Ariane, is based in Melbourne, Australia!

I’m hoping that a lot of you saw the BTS videos and photos posted across both our Instagram stories on the day– this is so that we could give you live sneak previews of the photoshoot, so you could see what was going on!  And while it was sparkly and exciting- if you are only shown the photoshoot in action and the end results, how can you understand the amount of work that goes into making the photoshoot happen and as successful as this one was?! Behind EVERY Bellisa X photoshoot there is a journey and I’d love to share this unique one with you.

So, how did this shoot come about? I hear you ask.

At the beginning of the year, I think around January time maybe even before, I was on my night-time Bellisa X social media stalk mission which happened to lead me to @Ariane_bingham_sparkles Instagram page (go follow!) And after scrolling through her colourful clothing feed, I noticed that in the bio she had put up her summer travel dates. Although a long-time off, the idea to creatively collaborate and meet with another designer working in a similar market but on the opposite side of the world, really excited me so I very quickly sent a DM to introduce myself! So, since the beginning we kept in contact via Instagram learning about each other and our brands whilst brainstorming creative ideas. The great thing about technology and social media, is that this form of communication worked perfectly around the huuuuge time difference.

It wasn’t until much nearer the time that we agreed on a date, 21st May, that would best fit in with both our schedules to make this discussed magic happen!

Along the planning process there are SO many things to consider bringing a creative collective together on the day. I’ve always found it very challenging to organise photoshoots but also so rewarding when the final photos capture exactly what I’d envisaged and more. Since Ariane was travelling to the UK and I have local contacts, it made much more sense for me to do a lot of the co-ordinating.  Of course prior to leaving, she had been working on lots of goodies to accompany on her travels (a WHOLE suitcase!) and also Cara, a friend and Australian model who was great to work with.

PT.2 of the journey to be continued.... stay tuned for photography, models,makeup up and the shoot day details..

- B X




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