Accessories PT1: Geo Fun Design

Accessories PT1:  Geo Fun Design

 At Bellisa X we believe when you creatively visually express yourself, half of an outfit is WHAT you wear and the other- is the HOW. How do you style it? You can wear a garment in so many different ways to suit all occasions, moods and movements whilst still reflecting your personal style. This can be shown through how you coordinate garments and of course by accessorising. The same outfit paired with all different accessories can create such a diverse selection of looks to suit all our individual fashion preferences. We love to go to the extra length to seek out and work with like-minded accessory brands to style with our clothes  and to give ideas of how you could wear your Bellisa X. And then we thought, well why not take this further and also sell most of the accessories you can see in our photos on our website too?















Since you probably already know so much about Bellisa X through our social media feeds and previous blog posts, we wanted to take the take the time to introduce each of our accessory brands properly. We specifically chose to collaborate with each of the brands – Geo Fun Design, Bigger The Hoop and ‘Have A Rest’- firstly because we hope you love their creations as much as we do but also for what they represent. We want to help you to discover who you are buying from; learn about each of their own interesting journeys to where they are now and understand the processes and motivations of the brands so you can appreciate their hand-made designs. So, first up in the lime light is: Geo Fun Design..


 Neja is the designer, maker and owner behind Geo Fun Design.  She moved to London 5 years ago for post graduate studies as SOAS University and currently lives between London and her hometown of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia!



Her designs use geometric shapes which incorporate lots of colour, texture and a dash of quirkiness. We only stock earrings on Bellisa X, but she also makes broches and necklaces.




She first started making and selling jewellery at an occasional craft fair whilst studying at Uni for a double degree in Chinese Studies and Spanish Linguistics and Literature. Back then Neja would personalise nearly all her clothes to add her own personal stamp, so it became a need for her create unique jewellery to go with all the outfits too.

Neja finds working as a freelance translator, copywriter and analyst and constantly chasing deadlines can be very challenging at times so last year she rekindled her passions for designing colourful jewellery to balance out the day job. After a long day at work she looks forward to unleashing her creative juices with clay.



Travelling about South East Asia and living in South China for a few years in her twenties, greatly inspired her jewellery with the vibrant colour palettes used in the traditional crafts of the region aswell as the culture of the people, which she adores.

Another massive influence for her designs are Modernist artists such as Malevich, Kandinsky, Matisse and Robert Delaunay. On moving to London, Neja would spend ages excitedly exploring all the art galleries: wandering from one exhibition to the next and taking advantage of all their free entrance fees.




At the moment Geo Fun Design is only sold on Etsy (apart from Bellisa X) but Neja has plans for the future to set up a website, sell in small gift shops pop-ups and start a line of ceramic jewellery. However being a ‘one-man brand’ venturing into new projects and restructuring her business presents quite a challenge.

With every new order Neji does a ‘happy dance’ inside and is extremely grateful to all her customers across the globe; as she recognises she’s one step closer to achieving her dream.

Furthermore, as an avid supporter of all campaigns that work with local businesses, slow fashion and handmade pieces, she will continue to support small business as much as she can.


To finish this insight into Neji’s, Geo Fun Design hand-crafted accessory label I wanted to share with you why we chose to collaborate. I first discovered GFD on etsy after searching for some unique earrings for myself; as along-side clothes, earrings are my go-to when playing with style and expression. Instantly I was drawn to the bold geometric designs with splashes of vivid colour. Furthermore, there’s something so aesthetically intriguing cutting fluid random patterns into angular statement shapes and pairing with metal- ware. A concept that somewhat structurally relates to Bellisa X panelling and clashing of block and pattern materials. I love how they are physically not too big and not too small as it’s normally very hard to find earrings at an in-between size and with a lot of detail. When wearing my Geo Fun Design, I notice how people do a curious double- take when glancing at the earrings. They create a mysterious yet confident statement. Likewise I love to style the earrings with any outfit as they add a sophisticated, contemporary yet playful twist to the finished look. The packaging is very thoughtful, and you can fully appreciate the amount of work that has gone into each purchase from the crafting to the delivery. Neji specifically designed our most recent Geo Fun Design launch for you, to complement with our new ‘Lady Marmalade’ collection: please take the time to check them out here.

Thank you for reading… and stay tuned for PT.2 with Bigger The Hoop- coming soon!

- B x


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