Accessories: Pt. 3 'Have A Rest'

Accessories: Pt. 3 'Have A Rest'

Welcome back to the final of our 3-part series with the hand-made accessory brands stocked on our website! We think it’s so important you question where and who you are buying from so we put together behind the scenes insights with Neja from Geo Fun Design, Milly from Bigger The Hoop and Daisy from ‘Have A Rest.’ If you haven’t already then please read their stories about how their brands started up, currently run and their future goals: or if you have already, then we are excited to now introduce Daisy with ‘Have A Rest!’


I first discovered Daisy’s arts n crafts on the facebook page ‘ Bristol Ghetto Booty’ when they popped up on my home page- I’d never seen earrings like them before! As always, when I see something really unique and special that I personally love, I want to share it with Bellisa X customers, you guys. And hey, it does seem like you equally love Daisy’s creations since she’s been our best-seller releasing 4 sell-out collections on our website. But who is this mysterious Daisy? Why and how does she make her art? What are her plans for the future? We’ve put together an interview for you, to learn more about ‘Have A Rest:’



(Background info: We’d organised and launched 2 collections based on trust before even meeting in person and then at UKTEK in Wales earlier this year, we happened to bump into each other rig side for the first-time! Neither of us can remember it too well but this moment was also amazingly caught on camera , as a randomer happened to be filming the party at the same time. I’ve tried so hard to find the video to show you great but I really can’t remember where I saw it on facebook.. the search will continue! )


B= Bella/Bellisa

D =Daisy/ Have a Rest


B: Hey Daisy, lovely to speak to you again… so to start please can you tell us a lil bit about yourself- What are you doing at the moment?


D: Hiya! So I’m currently in 3rd year at UWE, Bristol studying illustration


B: Ah amazing, you must be very passionate about art to do a degree in it


D: yeah definitely, I love to paint and draw all the time and get stuck into new projects


B: Yeah I love to immerse myself into a good project too- do you create more art outside university?


D: Of course. This summer I did a lot of décor and artwork for festivals and since I love going out listen to music and meeting lots of lovely new people, everything all seems to go hand in hand!


B: Festivals, being arty n music the best combo! So more specifically, asides from your love of art how did you come about setting up your brand ‘Have a Rest’?


D: Well I haven’t quite established my brand fully, it’s still developing as I work out what I want to do, but I first started using fimo to create pendants when I was around 9/10-


B: Fimo? What’s that?


D: It’s the material I use to create all the earrings- a Polymer clay. I stopped using it for ages but a year ago I decided to get back into using it, and develop the techniques I knew further. I had a vision of the earrings and experimented with them a lot until I was producing ones I was happy with


B: Fimo seems quite specialist- like you need to work with it a lot to understand it properly


D: Yeah like I said, I experimented a lot to achieve the earrings I sell today. The whole process is very long and time-consuming but the end result is so worth it when I’ve created something so unique


B: Can you tell us any more about the process?

D: It’s quite complicated but I can try! So Fimo comes in lots of different coloured blocks but I often create my own colours by mixing them together. Then the next part involves a lot of layering, wrapping, slicing and more layering of the clay to create patterns before assembling the sections together to shape into hoops. They are then put into the oven and coated in varnish


B: Wow that certainly seems very full on with a lot of love put into it, but you can definitely see the amount of time that’s gone into the earrings especially creating the funky colourful patterns

D: It’s all a matter of trial and error really, as it takes a while to work out what colours go well together- sometimes they don’t work out how I hope or the colours may clash and merge like I don’t want them too which can be a shame if a lot of time is put into it, however it’s all part of the process. It also took a few attempts to what sizes and widths etc work well and are comfortable



B: Well I think you’ve got them spot on, I love mine! They are a perfect size so you can see all the groovy detail, but also aren’t too heavy. I also love that you know no 2 are ever gunna turn out the exact same, so they are all one-off pieces and you can choose which one suits you most


D: Thank you, it’s why I like to use lots of colour- colours for everyone so that there’s a variety to choose from to go with your own individual look whilst in keeping with my artistic style being colourful and wobbly. I also do different sizes and shapes, from chunky hoops, hearts and now the spikes


B: I feel that hoops are such a wardrobe staple… it’s so refreshing to see something very original and creative being done with them and the bonus of them being hand-crafted too


D: For sure, part of the reason I share what I do is because there is far too much mass production on this planet, so it’s lovely be part of Bellisa X Clothing as both our products are individual and handmade


B: Yup, this exactly why I think hand-made brands need to work together more, to tackle all the negatives of mass consumerism and production by introducing special products that you won’t find anywhere else


D: Yeah so this is why with the expansion of my brand ,I’d love to involve it with as many commissions and collabs as possible


B: Sounds great, do you have any other plans or future goals?


D: Well its quite daunting now I’m in third year at Uni as I feel like I’m at a crossroads with what to do next but I’d love to further involve my work with festivals and events. And with ‘Have A Rest’ aswell as experimenting with hoops, I also sell t-shirts and prints so I plan to create more t-shirt designs which I’m hoping to release in Jan/ Feb + next year


B: Amazing! I think you’ll do just great in the future as you’ve really developed such a defined, individual artistic style which is reflected across all your work- I can’t wait to see what you’ve created for your next launch on our website!



To shop the brand new collection by ‘Have A Rest’ by Daisy Flory-Bunting please click here.


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