Getting to know: 24hr Garage Girl SHOSH

Getting to know: 24hr Garage Girl SHOSH
It’s April 2020. I’m sat outside, soaking up the sun, toes to the grass, eyes shut, ice-cold drink in my hand, everything around me is somewhat eerily quiet, (probably not too much of a surprise since I live in the countryside- perspective is key.) I’m questioning: Is the peace and quiet humanity lusts after now becoming too loud for us inside? It suddenly seems not so ideal when we get it in plentiful amounts and now, I want to escape it. *Headphones go on*- my favourite type of loud. The playlist is UK Garage, current song selection: “My Life- Shosh X Inja.” Despite all, I’m feeling pretty blessed to be doing this right now. Lock-down may be physically restricting but it’s allowing my imagination to run wild, freer than ever and with limited distractions. Day-dreaming is my speciality, so I’m inviting you to join me as I reminisce…


Re-wind 8 months, I’m dressed head to toe in my exxxtra funky-wear ( B X ofc,) braids in, and I’m dancing with my friends. It’s smiles all round, considering we’ve just hiked across site and down the GIANT dust hill – which you’d never catch me doing in ‘real, every-day life’ yet I seem to not even question it in the festival world. We made it to our prime day-time destination. Think graffiti, black and white checkerboard, gold bling, overalls, dancers bouncing round a centre stage BMW and DJ’s rinsing the decks. Garage tunes are booming, the vibe is electric and the energy from the stage dancers is reciprocated in the crowd ( hello goosebumps!) The hype is real.  It’s hands in the air as everyone’s dancing, having a sick time and the party-goers pour in…
Where am I? Okay, obviously I’ve given away all the clues so I’m guessing you know already, or if not, don’t sweat it because I’m at the 24HR Garage Girls stage, and you’re about to meet the boss! *Snaps back to reality. *
This time we’re going *virtual* as I interview 24hrGG head operator, DJ and producer SHOSH.

B:Hey! I’m so excited to discover more about you and 24hr Garage Girls. But bare with, because I’m clueless on the music industry , other than the fact I love listening and dancing to it. I’m feeling theres no better way to learn more, than to meet with a fellow female boss whoes currently making big movements. Let’s set the bar- what is 24hr Garage Girls?

Shosh: Hey bella! So 24hr Garage Girls is a concept group. We are a mix of DJs, dancers, photographers, models, and everyday women who love UK Garage and love to host a great party. This is what we do!

 B:  It’s so refreshing to have a group of such strong female energy in the music scene- especially being Bristol based too. What inspired you to start up 24hrGG?

Shosh: We thought up the idea purely for fun, way back in 2013. At the time, we were pitching to join Boomtown Fair as an actual Garage/car wash where ravers could come and literally get a scrub down. We’d play UKG and wash people with giant sponges! We had towels and lynx body wash…. People seemed to have a great time!

B: I think the first time I properly saw your stage was at Mischief Festival and Boomtown in the same year ( not sure which year exactly) – there were defo sponges in sight then. Where did they go?

Shosh: Over the years we became so big that the car wash wasn’t safe to operate anymore and we began to focus more on the music and artists behind the genre.

B: Makes sense, as every year the stage and crowd seem to get bigger! Music wise- Where does your love of garage music come from and musical influences?

Shosh: Old skool good times, good vibes! I grew up with a huge variety of inspiration for music, including Classical, 80’s pop, HipHop, Jungle & Breakcore even. I still have a wide appreciation for music and even though UK Garage is now the biggest influence for me currently, every time I feel a creative block I return to other genres for inspiration. 

B: Ahhh the creative block- tell me bout it. Being creatively driven, did you always know you wanted to do something in music?

Shosh: 100%. Since I was a little girl and picked up several instruments in my first year of school! I’ve always loved music, played in bands etc and sometimes joke that it’s my life companion. As I got older there was mounting pressure to pursue other things, so I spent some time focusing on what I’d call my backup plans; I have a BA & MA in English Literature and even taught GCSE briefly, so I haven’t always considered music my career, but it’s always been my first passion.   

B: When did you make the bold leap to working in music/events as a full time job?

Shosh: I’ve been self-employed running GGs for 5 years now. The first 3 years were incredibly hard, and I wouldn’t have got through it if it weren’t for the amazing friends supporting me. Since signing with Earth Agency, things have become a lot more professional, more comfortable and a bit more glamorous, but that comes with it’s own pressures and demands too.

B: Yes! The glamour, I wanna hear more. Talk us through you average 24hr Garage Girl weekend on tour? ( #girlsontour)

Shosh: Average weekend hmmmm ok. Something like…


  • Practice mixing in some new tracks at home
  • Answer emails/update spread sheets for shows: teams/budgets/travel/dates/hotels
  • Check in with agent
  • Pick up the girls & drive to next city for the Friday night gig (stopping at about 100 service stations along the way)
  • Check into hotel, dinner, pre-show faffing. Make up, outfits etc. Do the gig! Love every minute!
  • Try and sleep for a couple hours in a strange hotel bed


  • Kicked out of hotel 11am, definitely a bit hung-over
  • Drive to next city and check into next hotel.
  • Couple of hours to think about new tracks to tighten up my set/answer emails/arrange last night’s promo pics & videos for our socials.
  • Repeat the night before.


  • Kicked out of hotel 11am-

B: I feel like the hungover 11am checkouts would be up there with the challenging parts of this, haha. Defo feeling the exhausted thinking about the stamina you all have. Then for the rest of Sunday?

Shosh: Find a Toby Carvery (bit of a tradition lol)

  • Sort all the promo for today’s socials.
  • Check in with agent about show numbers, feedback etc.
  • Drive home to Bristol and binge watch Netflix/stare into space.

B:  Sick! Sounds all very ready, set, GO Show business over here! With Bx, I work largely behind the scenes. Aswell as the behind the scenes organisation you are also out front as a DJ. How do you prepare for a set?

Shosh: Get in a good mood. Get all my favourite new tracks together in a folder and just freestyle for a while. Once I’ve found certain combinations I love, I start building around those. I always think it’s important to get the first few mixes perfect, to set the vibe etc. And then just roll out from there.

B: What’s your favourite and the most challenging bit about being a DJ/producer?

Shosh: Constantly learning and adapting.

B: Yup, I can find it quite daunting sometimes that there’s infinite amount of things you can learn, practice and better creatively. In the 5 years of 24hr Garage Girls, you’ve all achieved so much- what would you consider your biggest highlights?

Shosh: I’m so grateful for what we’ve achieved. Glastonbury, Ibiza, Outlook Festival, Boomtown Fair have all been incredible highlights for me and the gang.

B: At any point, If you weren’t a DJ/producer what do you see yourself doing?

Shosh: Baking and writing. Getting jealous of all my musical friends lol.

B: Obviously at moment we are all experiencing a very challenging time because of COVID-19 and in particular its massively effecting the events industry. How has CV-19 affected you as a DJ and collective?

Shosh: I’ve spent 5 years building a business in an industry that does not currently exist! If you’re in this game, your whole world has been put on hold right now and I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling quite anxious. But rather than letting things die out, we have to work extra hard to reach our audience online. We’re dealing with a total loss of income from gigs, but also having to be more creative and pragmatic about how we create and put out content. All in the hope that we can return to a culture of festivals, events etc soon. Very scary times.

B: It’s so disheartening to see how much events/music culture are struggling right now , especially as it should be prime festival season. If we aren’t able to see you at festivals this year - How can people support you?

Shosh: By sharing our social media posts to help us build our audiences, and buying music or merchandise online! I have new music coming out in April & May 2020 so check ‘em out!

B: Should we expect more live-streams?

Shosh: Yeah, so last week BooHooMANOfficial ran a UKG live stream all week! 24hr Garage Girls was a host, so there were sets from DJ Luck & MC Neat, Majestic, Wideboys, Oxide & Neutrino, Sweet Female Attitude and myself on our fan page ( my set was Saturday night 😉 ) - See link at the end

I also have some things in the works with BBC 1XTRA and some big UK festival live stream link ups so hold tyyt!

B: Still exciting things are pullin’ through! I’ve loved having a *virtual* chat with you today, but to finish up: what is one piece of advice you’d give someone who was an inspiring DJ/ producer?

Shosh: Again, right now I would advise against anyone wanting to peruse it as a profession, because currently there’s no industry to support it. However, in normal times, I would say the single key to being successful as a musician is perseverance. In every aspect. Not sure your mixing is tight enough? Keep practicing. Not sure your tune bangs? Keep learning. Not enough plays on your last release? Keep plugging. It’s just as simple as that. Keep your content quality high and keep the faith. People do notice!

In times of unprecedented uncertainty effecting everyone, it’s important to support each other as much as possible. Music wise: buy/ download artists music, share their tunes, engage with their social media/promo and get others to aswell. I regularly think about the post-corona after party, but if you still want to see your favourite DJ’s, artists, record labels, performers organised by your favourite promoters, creatives, décor teams and sounded across the best soundsystems at your favourite events/venues,  then now is the time to continue to show your much needed support to this industry!

Right now we may have to re-think our huge 2020 plans but truth be told- summer will be what we make it. Get outside in your garden/window ledge/ or comfy in your PJ’s, wash away any sour thoughts to CV-19 (because we can’t do anything to change the situation, but it is our duty to try help it) face-time your gang and listen to some UK Garage.

Shosh’s recommendation for you to listen to:

Spotify: SHOSH

Playlists :  SHOSH- UKG 


Livestream: SHOSH X BOOHOOman




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