What Sewing Machine Should I Get?

What Sewing Machine Should I Get?

When you're totally new to sewing, its so hard to know which sewing machine you should invest in. But it's important to not let this decision put you off getting started. In our tutorials you may see that we use specific industrial machines, which you deinfately don't need unless you're advanced at sewing and looking to manufacture to factory standards. A gold ol' domestic machine CAN work just aswell, for a fraction of the price.

Here's 3 top tips to get started:

1. Buy second hand/refurbished from a sewing/fabric shop. It doesn't need to be brand new, but buying from a trusted place avoids being sold a dodgy machine.

2. Get the seller/previous owner to show you how to thread and operate it. ( most shops offer this service for free!)

3. Watch simple videos and compare reviews online about different machines. (You don't need a fancy really expensive digital machine if you aren't looking to do embroidery!)

Heres a helpful article I found published online with some of their recommendations. Feel free to comment which machine you use, and recommend to others :)


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