Stretch Sewing Kit- 9 items Under £50

Stretch Sewing Kit- 9 items Under £50

Are you looking to start sewing, but not sure what you actually need? It doesn't need to be expensive, confusing or diffifult to get started. So we've put together a simple 'stretch sewing kit' guide for you.

Aside from a domestic sewing machine, a sewing pattern and chosen fabric, we recomend you invest in these 9 tools to make your sewing experience alot easier! You can order all 9 items on Amazon to arrive this week, and for under £50.


Here are 3 extra tips:

1. Use a rotary blade to cut fabric on a cutting mat. It cuts the fabric quicker and cleaner. You can remove and replace the blades as they blunt- so you don't have to keep bying new cutters!

2. Cut on a table ( with a mat) not the floor- it will save your back ALOT.

3. Always use stretch needles for sewing stretch fabrics, and polyester thread ( not cotton.)

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