7 of the Best Shops to Buy Fabric

7 of the Best Shops to Buy Fabric

Sourcing the perfect fabric for a design that you have in mind can be such a mission. I can spend days trawling the internet hunting down new fabrics or shops to visit, in the hope to discoverer a hidden gem. The experience can be really exciting - you know that lil adrenaline buzz when you finally find THE fabric you dreamed off?! But it can also take a very long time. For those of you that don’t have this time or want a lil nudge in the right direction along the fabric trial, I’ve put together a list of our top 7 fave fabric stores that can be found online or in-person…. 


1. FunkiFabrics

The online destination for funky prints, foiled Lycra’s and eco friendly stretch fabrics. You can choose to get the designs printed on whatever stretch fabric you like- however I will warn you that this shop is also the most expensive of them all. 

2. Tia Knight 

Your go-to for all stretch velvets + fleeces. They are super reliable and post out very quick. The batches of velvet can vary in colour from time to time due to their supplier dying them- but they are very fairly priced for the quality!

3. Minerva

This website is full of soooo many treasures! We shop here for dead stock and jersey print fabrics. They have some really unique finds. Their prices vary alot but they usually have a really good sale. Just make sure you buy enough of your favourite fabric as they don’t normally re-stock. 

The only downside is … website is SO HUGE and difficult to navigate so you will be scrolling for hours.

4. RIJS Textiles

One of my fave places to shop amazing quality plain coloured sweatshirt, jersey and sustainable fabrics. Although since leaving the EU, we haven’t bought from here in a while due to very expensive import fees so please be aware of this!

5. Showtime Fabrics 

Lycra galore! Every colour plain Lycra + some funky prints that give me USA lycra vibes. Ideal for costumes and swimwear. Can be abit expensive-they sell via 0.5m now to make it look cheaper so please double check you’re reading the price/ amount right. 

6.Gold Hawk Road, LDN

If you didn’t know already this is THE place to shop fabric in London. The whole road is jam packed full of magical fabric shops. You could easily spend a whole day here rummaging through all the Aladdin’s Caves. The quality and prices of each shop vary a lot- and they do tend to make up the prices pushed towards the expensive side. So it’s best to haggle and do your research about fabric prices before going.

A TOP TIP: I get abit overwhelmed by the huge selection of fabrics, so I take pics of all my faves and note which shop I saw them in. I then go home and think about the ones I really love and  then call up the shops and place the order over phone/text and arrange a courier to post them! ( this may only work for bigger fabric orders tho!)

7. Sewing Studio, Bath

This is the shop I first ever started buying fabric in, so it’s holds a close place in my heart. I haven’t been there in a while but if it’s anything like it was, then you’re in for a treat. It’s pretty small but is perfect for finding really unique beautiful batik cottons. Ideal for Jackets / anything non-stretch. The staff in their are also so friendly and helpful! 

Please feel free to leave your fave fabric shops both online and stores in the comments! 



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