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“Air” Top
“Air” Top
“Air” Top
“Air” Top

“Air” Top

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Bellisa X RainbowPot Products. iNtroducing ‘ AIR’ 4/4 from our ‘4 Elements’ collection 💫

🌪 This element consists of 3 unique reversible crochet and patsy velvet print tops
💭 Air signs are all about intellectual and metal energy- they breeze through life , never stopping to catch their breath. They are known to be more detached , less emotional but very social and have a “live and let live” approach to life!

Crocheted by RainbowPots Products and finished with fabric by us!

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“All the hem outlines on each Zodiac Chain Bikini has hand spun yarn to border the pieces. This is labour intensive and involves various old school processes such as fiber carding, drafting and the use of a big spinning wheel.
As it isn't machine spun yarn each inch has unique texture and colours running through it.
Making every part of your top as unique and special as can be!
It can take up to 3 hours to Create a small batch of handspun yarn. Each crochet top takes around 2.5hours plus time to attach the chains, sew and perfect the the details so you can have a finished piece you will adore

All are unique, one-of- a kind. Comes with silver and gold chains. Ready to post 🌚

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