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Tita Lau (Laid Blak) performing on stage at Glastonbury 2017
Tita Lau (Laid Blak) performing at Glastonbury 2017 
        in her custom stage outfit
Sequin Tracksuit
Men's reversible rainbow sequin tracksuit

At Bellisa X Clothing all garments are made to order in our UK based studio.  This bespoke attribute has sewn a friendly relationship between the us- the brand and you - the customer, which is why we love to go the extra mile to deliver you, your perfect garment.

Within this ‘bespoke commissions’ service we can work with your own ideas to draw visual designs, source fabrics and create sewing patterns – whilst continually pinning in our professional knowledge at every step of the journey.  Whether it’s a slight alteration in sleeve length; changing fabrics in new season products; recreating an old season style or a completely new idea that you dream to be brought to life – we will do our very best to make this happen! Likewise, even if you have no idea what you want- other than a garment that is so completely unique and will make heads turn for whatever the occasion-we will help innovate this for you. 

Please also check out our brand new website feature ' CREATE YOUR OWN' where you can visually design and play around with different fabric combinations on our staple Bellisa X designs.


Pannelled catsuit Suspender Leggings

             Panelled catsuit                                   Bellisa SS17 suspender leggings in custom 

So, what are you waiting for?!
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Geometric textile print tracksuit
RIGHT: Custom designed geometric digital print tracksuit
Sequin waistcoat and mermaid leotard
Sequin waistcoat and mermaid leotard worn at Nikki Beach, Ibiza
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