COVID-19: We are still processing orders under our 15 working day made-to-order time. (Work from a home-based studio: only visiting post office once a week)* We don't stock big quantities of all fabics, and re-ordering in may be a issue as some suppliers have closed therefore there could be a delay. * If in doubt please contact us before ordering to see if we have the fabrics in stock. For regular updates please follow our instagram @bellisaxclothing - love B X


The X to Bellisa X stands for collaboration on any level and any direction. X is a collaboration of myself ' Bellisa' with photographers, models, MUA's, marketing, social media, suppliers, other brands, the community etc..
This means we are always on the look out for new and like-minded creatives to work with- especially for photoshoots. If you'd like to be added to our growing portfolio then please don't hesitate to email us at: Do not message on social media.
Please include abit about yourself, your work and the specific following information if you are a:
  • MODEL: UK size, height, location, photos* Please do not email us without photos of yourself, links to social media, previous modelling history 
  • PHOTOGRAPHER/STYLIST: Portfolio of work, location, links to social media
  • MUA/HAIR STYLIST:  Portfolio of work, location, links to social media
Furthermore, if you are interested in the 'fashion communication' side, have original ideas and would like experience organising your own photo-shoot then please email us, to see if this can be arranged. We are always looking for 'Photoshoot Coordinator/Director ' interns. 
- B X
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